I have even tried, a day off NS to try to trick my body, as per instructions.Watching the commercials, I finally decided that NS seemed my best bet.Thanks for the writeup and the encouragement your words and these comments have given me already.It is my really initial time that i have a check out this web page.It has come a long way from the 80s when you used to have to go to a weekly meeting and talk with a counselor and listen to speeches and pick your food out from racks in a warehouse like setting.I do not need your service and I think you are an honest and reliable service, so PLEASE limit the commercials.So I ordered the Turbo10, and lost 4 pounds in the first week. I then ordered the Core Plan, and have been on Nutrisystem for a total of 12 weeks.There is a pretty obvious reason Nutrisystem are strict about early cancellation.The latest promotion has Marie Osmond staying in the driving seat as the female celebrity face of Nutrisystem.

Hoping this accelerates my results and also helps with the gassiness that I hear some talking about and the bloating.I lost 11lbs in December despite Christmas and so far this month I lost another 6lbs up to today.I have to say that often, public communities, forums and blogs are wide open to abuse by spammers and idiots with nothing better to do with their time.My teenage son is starting to get very fat and I was wondering what I could do to reverse the trend.The menopause affects different people differently but often the imbalance of hormones leads to weight gain.

NutriSystem-Two FREE Weeks Of Food

It does that so it can cope with a potential long haul of calorie restriction.He gets more snacks than I do but this to me is a very easy diet to follow.The healthy food also contains some additional fiber for improved colon health.I do want to say that the food is actually very good at least all the ones I have had so far have been.After one month and lost of 8 lbs, I saw how they balanced out the food and decided I could do the this on my own.

This was the first place that shed some light on the whole thing about Nutrisystem and the way its diet plans work for me. Thank you.I lost 10lbs in November and might of lost more but Thanksgiving sort of got in the way.I am extremely active and do not have a bunch of time to prepare meals, so NS works incredibly well for people on the go.I just want an effective kick start to motivate me enough to do it myself.

I finally caved, although my sister told me she hated the Nutrisystem diet, and signed up.Do you have some suggestions as far as sticking to the Nutrisystem diet.She is either very desperate for attention or owns part of the company.Have you tried any other forms of light exercise, like dancing or swimming perhaps.After the first week I was blown away when I weighed in 6 pounds lighter.I can conveniently carry the bars in my bag for emergencies and they help out.Remember, this is a super convenient, time saving diet plan that works.Only in the mornings because that way you get the right readings.

This reviewer says that someone who is not used to healthy food but processed food suffers bloating and gas.Maybe you could clear that part up so we can understand your personal situation better. Thanks.PS: the latest offer is pretty special to get you losing weight for real.Nutrisystem Diet Review. It must be a new or first-time 4-week order,. this particular Nutrisystem meal kit earned 4.6 out of 5 stars.This is the 3rd diet program I have tried, and the only one that has worked well for me.

I might suggest anyone that is having troubles going cold turkey off sugar and junk food, to try Atkins first.This keeps me satiated throughout the day and allows me to go about my day without being hungry, tried and dizzy.There was to much sodium in food, food contained rice, and lots of pasta.I do add all of the vegetables, I have at least one focused protein supplement, and I train in a gym 5 to 6 days a week.Dietitians recommend only 1-2 pounds a week, so 4 pounds is actually fine.PPSS: My only request is that I think others subscribing more recently are getting a better deal, monetarily, than we are.I lost 50 lbs in four months and kept the weight off for three years.Oh the first few days were hard, I did have extra diet shakes in the house and used them to supplement the hunger pains but on the 3rd day the extra cravings went away, today I woke with more energy and started a workout plan.

With this program. Love it. No its not the best tasting but OK.Politics and extreme religious opinions being spewed at people and Nutrisystem must like it because they let it go on and on.I actually believe the sodium is lower on this plan as I tend to gravitate to salty foods.